Workforce Staffing was founded on the
following principles:

  • Relationships are Essential to Long-Term Success and Growth
  • Always Act With Integrity, Honesty and Professionalism
  • Flexibility and Customization are Key To A Successful Partnership

What We Do

  • All workers are screened utilizing E-Verify.
  • All workers are paid weekly, not daily.
  • Workers have their own transportation and we also verify that their vehicle is insured. No waiting for vans to drop off/pick up workers!
  • 1 point of contact. 1 invoice per jobsite, per week.
  • We take care of all wages, payroll related taxes, workers comp insurance as well as certified payroll reporting.
  • We also offer Temp-Perm programs.
  • Reduce costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency by partnering with Workforce Staffing Inc.